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i’ll be leaving in the morning come the white wine bitter sunlight

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Is it the never ending darkness in front of you which seems to swallow you piece by piece? Is it the slithering snake that proceeds to draw nearer and nearer with every growing second? Is it the walls of the coffin that close in around you and prevent your escape? Is it the hand that touches you when you are alone in a room? Is it your reflection in the mirror that blinks, when in reality your eyes don’t move? Oh, never-ending glory to the one who is brave enough to not only to face their fears, but to conquer them. But be warned. Twenty-four go in. But only one shall ever return.

The Fear Games

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My favourite Zerrie hater point on convincing me Zerrie is fake is the “Zayn doesn’t look happy with her" one …

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@Harry_Styles: So that's it.

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Extremely personal piece. Doesn’t really need that much explanation.

*apologies if it turns up pixelated, just click the picture for a full res. view



perfect pictures for an imperfect world

im glad this is exploding. it’s one of the most powerful things on my blog. make it known worldwide guys. 

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